Devonport, Auckland, 2012

Preparation of Concept Designs for upgrade of the Devonport Ferry Terminal for Auckland Transport.

The intention of the upgrade of the building created an opportunity to develop the existing wharf structure to enhance the commuter and visitor experience while exploring options for more effective and appropriate use of the spaces within and around the building.

Our design aims to address the constraints of the existing wharf building and its primary transport function and maximize the commercial and public potential of its unique waterfront site while respecting and drawing on Devonport’s relaxed character and unique urban maritime context

While maintaining the existing footprint the building's form and appearance will be modified in a contemporary manner to better reflect Devonport’s unique character and urban maritime context.

The existing upper level pods will be altered to form tall glazed lanterns with deep roof overhangs and balconies and weatherboard type cladding evoke the imagery of boat sheds, lighthouses and ship bridges. A new 2 level pod at the Marine Square end completes the composition and creates a greater sense of entry from the village side

The lower walls of the existing building will be opened up and glazed with large sliding glass walls to create a lighter and more transparent interior and enhance the  physical and visual access through the  building to its immediate and distant environment. New glazed canopies  either side of the building will provide shelter to commuters and other users

The revised floor plan resolves the conflict between the public use (ie ferry passengers) and commercial operations by rationalising and enlarging pedestrian circulation spaces in and around the building and by creating larger and distinct zones for Commuters, Public and Commercial tenancies and Food and Beverage uses. Also envisaged are other uses that relate to and support the unique site, such as a visitor centre, a kayaking/paddle board and bike sales/rental operations as well as a public slat water swimming pool between Victoria Wharf and the Ferry Wharf structures and an small marina on the east side of Victoria Wharf for small boats and commuter craft

This design was undertaken in association with HMA, Opus International Consultants and Metro Commercial Real Estate